The Committee for the Sustainable Management of the Giant Squid (CALAMASUR) is a group comprised of leading industry players (representatives of the artisanal, industrial and processing sectors) from Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru, who are involved in fishing giant squid and work together for sustainability.

This group met for the first time in January 2018 and was formalized in December of the same year. It has an observer status in the RFMO-PS (Regional Organization for Fisheries Management of the South Pacific), and has already presented two position statements requesting necessary improvements in science, management and MCS (monitor, control and surveillance) to the delegates of the RFMO-PS.


Que el stock (o los stocks) de Dosidicus gigas (calamar gigante) en aguas del Pacífico esté gestionado de acuerdo con recomendaciones científicas basadas en evaluaciones consideradas por la comunidad internacional como rigurosas y transparentes, cuente con un marco regulatorio adecuado y en vigor, y se encuentre sometido a una actividad pesquera internacional sostenible, en el largo plazo, en sus aspectos tanto biológicos, sociales y económicos.


Reunión 2019


Ensure the commitment of the public and private sectors linked to the giant squid fishery in Pacific waters with the objective of promoting the sustainability of the resource and achieving the sustainability of the stock (s).


The giant squid fishery is managed in a sustainable, sustainable, effective and transparent way by the management organizations, which base their management on research appropriate to the biological characteristics of the species and its ecosystems, adopt management measures and ensure compliance with the themselves, ensuring the sustainability of the fishery and the livelihoods of the communities that depend on it in the long term.